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2023: A Good Hearted Man – Omukri explains why Obasanjo endorses Peter Obi

Former aide to the president, Rino Omukri, has explained how he feels about former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s decision to endorse Peter Obi.

On New Year’s Day, Obasanjo declared his support for Peter Obi of the Labor Party to win the 2023 presidential election.

Obasanjo said this in an open letter to young people in Nigeria eight weeks before the general elections.

He said that although other candidates have the ability to govern, Peter Obi is the required needle and thread that the country needs.

Obasanjo urged the Nigerian youth to exercise their right and actively participate in the 2023 elections and stand up for their votes.

But Renu Omukri, an ardent supporter of former vice president and PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, said Obasanjo’s support for Obi was aimed at healing the wound of the 1966 civil war.

According to him, the ex-president also wanted former Rivers state governor Peter O’Dele to become vice president in 2007, but the late Yar’Adua insisted on Goodluck Jonathan.

“President Obasanjo is a good-hearted man. He has always wanted a chief from SE[South East] or near SE[South East]As a way to heal the wounds of the Civil War.

In 2007, Peter Odile wanted to, but Yar’Adua insisted that Governor Jonathan be named vice president. What is the goal [Obasanjo]Did not affect the election! “

2023: A Good Hearted Man – Omukri explains why Obasanjo endorses Peter Obi

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