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2023: APC Nigerian Champion – Gov Wike

Rivers Gov. Nesom Wake said again that he does not intend or plan to move to the All Progressives Conference, APC.

This is despite his stance on dividing the presidency to the south, describing insinuations that he is ditching the People’s Democratic Party, the People’s Democratic Party, in favor of the APC as speculative.

The Ekwere-born politician, who has been at odds with his own party, the People’s Democratic Party, confirmed that he remains an unrepentant member of the main opposition party.

The governor said this on Monday at the 114th Quarterly General Meeting of the Rivers State Board of Traditional Governors in Port Harcourt.

He said, “I am not a member of the APC and never will be. But they made me realize that they are the heroes of this country.”

He recalled how governors of the ruling party, especially from the north, insisted that power should pass to the south during the primaries.

He added, “The governors of the GPC said that the way the province is going, they want the unity of this country, and therefore, the presidency should go to the south.”

From all indications, Rivers’ leader is working with the APC and its candidate on a national level after he declared war against his party’s presidential candidate.

Wake and his party have been at war since the outcome of the main opposition party’s presidential primary did not endear him.

The governor, who announced that he would work with the winner of the primaries, remained upset since May 2022 when he declared Atiku Abubakar the winner of the party’s primaries.

2023: APC Nigerian Champion – Gov Wike

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