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2023: Bayelsa ICC starts door-to-door campaign for Tinubu

The Bayelsa State branch of the Independent Campaign Council of Tinubu Chitima (ICC) has launched a door-to-door, village-to-village and district-to-neighborhood (DDHHNN) campaign for All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Vice President Kashim Chitima.

The Premier, Prince Preye Agnapa, said the unique approach has begun to spread the gospel of Tinubu’s competence, ability, decency and experience to all nooks and crannies of Bayelsa.

Speaking at the weekend when he led members of the state’s ICC to visit Bayelsa’s former deputy governor, Werenber Sebarugo in Yenagua, Aganapa said the campaign approach would also help correct misinformation, half-truths and outright lies against Tinubu.

He said their findings found that people opposed to Tinubu did not recognize him personally and relied solely on lies told to them by opposition political leaders.

Agnapa said: “Our conviction stems from the fact that no one knows Tinubu’s personality, character and competence without calling him to lead this country. No one would know his qualities without falling in love with his leadership style.

We believe that people should be informed so that they stop speaking and acting out of ignorance. This is why we believe we should meet people one-on-one to help them understand the Asiwaju person and join the winning train.”

Aghanaba explained that the ICC was formed to complement the efforts of the party’s Presidential Campaign Council with a mandate to attract votes at the grassroots level and educate voters to increase the base of support for the GPC.

He said, “The Bayelsa State Secretariat of the Grassroots Independent Campaign Council in Tinubu/Shetema is working with the state coordinators and the divisions that have already been inaugurated.

“We are focused on increasing the healthy base of support for our presidential candidate and conducting a rally of voters in rural areas ahead of the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25.

Agnappa said the APC is blessed with a presidential candidate who “is smart to govern and has a plethora of high-profile projects to point to,” describing Tinubu as an easy sell.

He said, “APC aims to capture more states and win more seats in the Senate, House of Representatives and House of Representatives in the 2023 general elections and the ICC will complement this effort with a strong grassroots campaign for the Tinubu/Chetema ticket.”

2023: Bayelsa ICC starts door-to-door campaign for Tinubu

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