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2023: Ebonyi party candidate LP, Nkwagu, Eze again dismissed by appeals court as real candidate

The Court of Appeal sitting in Enugu state dismissed the gubernatorial candidate from the Labor Party, L.

Remember, Nkwagu and Eze have approached the Federal Supreme Court sitting in Abakaliki to fight over who flies the LP flag in the state as the real gubernatorial candidate.

POST reports that the Federal Supreme Court in Case No. FHC / AI / 237/2022 filed by Judge Fatun Reiman, has declared Splendor Eze Oko as the real candidate of the Labor Party, while Nkwagu who was not satisfied with the ruling, moved to the Court of Appeal sitting in Enugu for further explanation.

But the Court of Appeal in a judgment handed down by Judge UI Ndukwe-Anyanwu, denied the relief requested by Edward Nkwagu to regulate their proceedings, and that the relief was granted outside the time limit.

In response, Splendor Oko-Eze, who spoke to journalists in Abakaliki, praised the three judges of the Court of Appeal led by Ndukwe-Anyanwu, affirming that the dismissal of Nkowe Nkowowo is a victory for democracy.

According to him, “I have a case with the Chairman of the Labor Party, LP, and one Edward Nkwagou in the Court of First Instance declaring that I am the real candidate of the Labor Party, LP in Ebonyi State. And that I have never withdrew from the contest to anyone. And that whatever they brought to the lower court, The signature has been tampered with.

The Labor leadership and Edward Nkwago were uneasy with the lower court’s outcome and appealed. The dispensation was rejected by the Court of Appeal in Enugu and reaffirmed that I am the genuine candidate of the Labor Party for the position of Governor of Ebonyi State.”

In a swift reaction, Mr Edward Nkwago, who spoke to reporters in Abakaliki through the general manager of the campaign, Mr George Okpai, said: “The Court of Appeal refused to grant relief sought by the appellants to settle their proceedings which were said to have ended.

So the real situation is that the date set for the filing of the proceedings occurred on one of the days of the house-sit-in in south-eastern Nigeria.

“The appellants were in court to file proceedings but the court was closed and important due to the challenges of insecurity arising from the sit-in cases.”

Nkwagu further disclosed: “Our lawyers are examining the court’s decision with a view to making the best choice for the party, and all Ebony State Workers’ Party members have an obligation to abide by the law and pursue with vigor, focus and commitment our election campaigns to liberate the state from the challenges of bad governance and poverty for the greater good.”

2023: Ebonyi party candidate LP, Nkwagu, Eze again dismissed by appeals court as real candidate

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