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2023 elections: Tinubu’s victory is inevitable – ICC Bayelsa president tells relatives

Tinubu Shetema’s Independent Campaign Council coordinator, Prince Preye Aganapa, told his relatives in Ode, Bayelsa State, that the victory of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the Congress of All Progressives, APC, in the 2023 elections is a win. the inevitable.

Aganapa, who spoke on Tuesday while celebrating Christmas with relatives at the famous Ode Kingdom in the Kolokuma-Obukuma local government area, dismissed any possible runoff, saying Tinubu would win by a landslide.

Agnapa, who threw a party for his relatives by bringing in Ejaw’s music maestro, Junior Barrister and his live band to impress them, recalls that he predicted APC would win in 2015.

Agnapa said: The victory of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is inevitable. The GPC will win the elections in 2023 and this path is inevitable.

The Tinubu/Chetema ticket will sweep the votes in the presidential election with a landslide victory. This is certain, just like I told most of you here in 2015 that the APC will win the presidential elections.”

He said that Bayelsa State benefited from a large number of projects that he was able to influence in his capacity as leader of the APC.

Agnapa, a former senatorial candidate and gubernatorial candidate, invited his relatives and all of Bayelsa to get acquainted and work with Tinubu Chitema’s winning ticket to tap into more projects after the poll.

He said: “Bayelsa State and the Kolukuma / Opukuma LGA have a huge range of projects that I have been able to influence over the years, from roads to healthcare centers, schools, beach protection and many life changing projects that we have been able to put in place. This was enabled on the APC platform.

“Vote for the Tinubu/Shettima ticket and I assure you there will be more projects undertaken not only for the Odi and Kolokuma/Opukuma LGA, but for the entire state.”

Agnapa explained that the ICC has a mandate to hand over the victory of the Tinubu/Chetema ticket at the grassroots level and urged them to vote for the APC in the presidential elections scheduled for February 27, 2023.

2023 elections: Tinubu’s victory is inevitable – ICC Bayelsa president tells relatives

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