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2023: Enough of character assassination – Enugu PDP warns opposition parties

The Enugu State People’s Democratic Party has condemned what it described as a deliberate attempt by some opposition political parties in the state to engage in defamation of the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

The party’s stance came in response to a viral video in the state leveling some allegations against its gubernatorial candidate, Barr. Peter Mbah.

Addressing reporters in Enugu on Monday, Bar. Those involved in malicious campaigns and character assassination should be held accountable by law enforcement agencies, said Nana Ogbudu, Director of Communications/Spokesperson, PDP State Campaign Organization.

Ogbudu said the fake news providers are taking away the fact that the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. presence. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has culminated in an enabling environment characterized by restraint even in the face of insolent provocation.

He said it is unfortunate that some misguided individuals in society are constantly hiding under their anonymity in the world of social media to spread utter falsehood and utter harmful content.

According to him, Enugu State is not immune from this malaise. In the past few months, and especially since the start of the upcoming election campaigns, those who should have known better have sought to vilify the civility prevailing in the state and drag the hard-won reputation of the brilliant Enugu sons into the mud of public obliteration.

“Recently, the country has been inundated with jingles that are clearly malicious and of varied content conceived with the deceptive intent to bring the reputation of our candidate for governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuize Mbah into disrepute. Despite disingenuous attempts to conceal the identity of the suppliers, it is not difficult to deduce the source of these disgraceful messages.

“We are not in the least surprised by such a discovery, since the messages are simultaneous with key interlocutor figures whose political careers are marked by slander. While most of these protesters have no record of success in any previous endeavor, they are accustomed to evaluating everyone else’s successes in a distorted light.” For their serial failures, after all, scoundrels often assume their enemies are the enemies.God!

“Instead of devoting efforts to publicizing a functional scheme, or nurturing their tarnished reputations, the tarnished elements of the opposition chose and quite ironically orchestrated a slanderous campaign against someone who, through his hard work and revolutionary ideas, was able, through the success story of Pinnacle Oil, to give Enugu State A prominent definition in the national map of entrepreneurship, which confirms that we are also fortunate with men of outstanding capabilities.

This dirty trick is a reflection of the Socratic dictum that slander becomes the tool of the loser when the debate is lost! However, the PDP campaign organization would like to stress that slander is never permissible in any society governed by the rule of law.

“Indeed, it is gratifying to note that the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hazrat Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, culminates in an enabling environment that is characterized by restraint even in the face of insolent provocation. Such unfettered freedom, as we know, is not guaranteed in some states around Enugu The purveyors of lies know this very well.

“Fortunately, such lies can tickle a little bit. He would rather treat the bulk of the electorate than participate in debates and highlight campaigns. This is what our candidate has been doing through his many meetings throughout the state.”

A PDP campaign spokesperson, who said the party was aware of those behind harmful content, warned that “while the Nigerian constitution guarantees a range of freedom, including rights of expression, it does not translate into the right to challenge people’s reputations.” intentionally.

“We therefore hereby call on law enforcement agencies to dig deep and bring to law all those who have crossed the threshold of law and morality.

“It is also pertinent to reiterate that although we may choose to ascend so high because they consciously sink to the depths of depravity, we are not averse to seeking legal redress when the line of decency as it currently stands has been breached.”

2023: Enough of character assassination – Enugu PDP warns opposition parties

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