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2023: Enugu PDP Leader Eya Takes Ogwane’s Senate Campaign to Carriers and Market Pioneers

As the countdown to the 2023 general elections begins, President Chinedu Eya, a former Enugu North Senatorial Candidate, has taken up the campaign for the election of Governor Ifene Ogwane to move unions.

Ogwanye, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, People’s Democratic Party, is running to represent the people of the northern Enugu region in the Senate.

Eya had earlier refused to join the race this time, declaring Governor Ogwaniyi fit and fit to take the seat.

Speaking during his meeting with the leaders of the Motorcyclist and Motorcyclist Association of Igbose South and Udenu LGAs in Enugu State, Eya urged them to mobilize appropriately for the election of Ogowani.

He also met with the leaders of the Nsukka Zonal Amalgamated Trader Association (NZATA), chiefs of mechanics and bricklayers, as well as all the market chiefs of LGAs, during a two-day town council meeting.

Talk to the leadership of the various groups about why the governor deserves their support before he is elected to the Senate in February.

“A far cry from the ruler coming from our region, he has exceeded our expectations in almost every aspect of governance,” said Ia.

In his response, Mr Okonkwo Hilary, President of the Okada Riders Association in Igboeze South LGA, stated, “The Governor’s accomplishments in the region speak volumes about his love for the region.

We’ve never dealt with an executive governor before.

But this ruler was interfering with us. He has been taking care of us since 2015.

“So we will reward him with our support.”

Similarly, Mr. Ikechukwu Samuel, President of the Tricycle Riders Association in Igboise South LGA, confirmed his group’s support for the Senate’s bid for the Governor, while recounting how the Governor carried out massive road construction work in the area.

“There is no longer an impassable path in our LGA. The governor did it. So we will reward him with our support.”

President, Nsukka Zonal Malgamed Trader Association (NZATA), Hon. Dominic Ezema, who also spoke during the session, declared his group’s support for the governor, while saying the election would provide an opportunity for his association to reward Governor Ogwani’s kind gestures towards the group.

He concluded his speech by saying, “We are with the ruler.”

The City Council meeting, which is scheduled to take place in the six localities of the Senate District, will continue in the remaining four localities of Enugu North Senatorial Province.

2023: Enugu PDP Leader Eya Takes Ogwane’s Senate Campaign to Carriers and Market Pioneers

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