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2023: Fuel, new scarcity of notes, bandits may hinder general elections in Kaduna

People’s Democratic Party, Democratic Progressive Party, Kajarko Local Government Area Leader of Kaduna State Dr Stephen Musa lamented the scarcity of fuel and new banknotes as major hurdles to the success of the 2023 general elections.

Speaking to reporters in Kaduna on Saturday, Musa, who said scarcity of new banknotes still existed in the state even after the central bank governor promised to make the notes available, lamented that seven days before the elections, even voters could not access their notes. . Money in the banks, not to speak of fuel to buy, you pass it on to polling units across the state.

According to him, many voters have been displaced by bandits, who are now far from their polling units, and now have to refuel their cars and motorbikes or pay transportation costs to take them to their polling units, but there is no fuel in the country.

According to him, even if there was fuel, transportation fare, or cash to use to buy fuel is no longer there, since no one can access their money in the bank due to the scarcity of new banknotes.

Dr Musa appealed to the Governor of the Central Bank and the Federal Government to ensure sufficient fuel and new securities so that Nigerians can exercise their voting rights.

“It is important that since the elections are one week away, there must be enough fuel, and people must have money to buy food and use it for transportation to the venue or collection units.

“Many people will be disenfranchised if they don’t have the money to transport them, and no fuel to plow your tanks and your motorcycles.” He said.

Many voters are now frustrated and tired of events in the country, he said, adding that many people want change, but are held back by scarcity of fuel and new notes.

2023: Fuel, new scarcity of notes, bandits may hinder general elections in Kaduna

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