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2023: He will replace Ekiti Tinubu, APC with votes – Deputy Governor of Afoe

Ekiti State Deputy Governor Christiana Monisad Afoe has confirmed to the ACP Presidential Campaign Council that the party’s flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will secure more than 75% of the total votes cast in the state in the 2023 elections.

Described as part of Ekiti, Ms. Afoe Tinubu is a son-in-law, political leader and mentor to many great politicians of Ekiti origin, who deserve compensation with their votes in 2023.

On Tuesday, the deputy governor spoke at the Ikere local government to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The deputy governor, in a statement released by her special assistant to the media, Victor Ogunji, appreciated Ikere voters for the support they gave Governor Biodun Uyebangi in the recent gubernatorial election, saying the votes received in the city boosted the party’s chances in the hotly contested ballot. .

She alluded to Tinubu as one of the best minds and most experienced leaders with a zeal to sail the country to prosperity, after the exit of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I know Senator Bola Tinubu will visit Kapise any time he is here in Ekiti State to campaign. I know that Ekiti and Ekere in particular will announce withholding in his favour. We expect no less than 75% of the vote for our great leader in Ekiti.

“We all know Asiwaju is one leader with the ability to build and nurture. He did it in Lagos, let’s let him do it for Nigeria.

“Get your permanent voter cards ready to vote Asiwaju in the next presidential election, because he is ours in Ekiti.”

The Deputy Governor, who also visited all 11 wards in Ikere Ekiti to donate money and consumables, canvassed support for APC National and House of Representatives candidates in Ikere constituencies 1 and 2 and across the South Senate district in the impending poll.

She said the APC, which has a majority in the National Assembly and the Council of States, will facilitate governance and accelerate progress under the incoming government of Asiwaju Tinubu and the Biodun Uibangi administration in Ekiti.

“You know we have a structure in Nigeria and Ekiti. The APC is the ruling party. The assembly may give problems to the president and governor if it is not controlled by the ruling party.

“I beg you, please pardon any mistake some of our candidates have made in the past and vote for them. They should certainly make the necessary adjustments.

“This is not a campaign, but merely an interaction and presentation of our candidates who I know are better than our opponents’ candidates in terms of personalities, ancestry and commitment to nation-building.”

Saying homage to Ugoga from Ikere, Ms. Afoe said Oba Adigemi Ado-Alagabado for attracting development to the city; “During your few years of rule, Ikere has produced eight great advocates for Nigeria and two professorships.

“During your reign, I became a deputy governor as a woman, and we have a university. We are growing by leaps and bounds. We are happy with this matter, and on this basis I appreciate you for that.”

“I will continue to support Ikere Ekiti. I am part of you Governor Uibangi and I will not let you down.”

Oba Ado-Alagabadu pleaded with the people of Ikere to forget the past and think about the future of the city to be greater, warning of a withdrawal syndrome the way it has been seen in the past.

2023: He will replace Ekiti Tinubu, APC with votes – Deputy Governor of Afoe

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