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2023: Ignore Emenike’s list, we haven’t opened the campaign board – Abia APC

Ofur Okori, Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress in Abia State, has criticized the party leader in the state, Ekechi Eminek, for his recent activities despite a court ruling dismissing him as the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

This comes weeks after a Federal Supreme Court chaired by Justice Binta Murtala Nyaku in Abuja removed Emenech and confirmed former Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, Dr Uchi Sampson Oja, as the party’s real candidate.

The court ruled that the indirect primary, which Emineck produced, was in complete disobedience to a message transmitted to INEC by the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) that it would adopt a direct method to the primary in the event. It said the direct primary elections on 26 and 27 May 2022, which resulted from Ujjah, were valid as they were endorsed by the Resident Electoral Commissioner in charge of Abia State.

Despite the court ruling, the faction led by Eminec of the APC’s Abia party, however, last Thursday held an alleged inauguration ceremony for the 1,740 members of the APC’s Abia governor’s campaign council.

While dismissing the faction leaders’ recent activity in a statement Saturday in Umuahia, Okiuri said unequivocally that the party leadership has not formed or constituted members of a conservative campaign council for the party where the party will meet and communicate with important stakeholders, fan members and party supporters once the formalities are finalized. For the official composition of the Council.

The party’s spokesperson clarified that the members of the alleged campaign council are not card-carrying members of the General People’s Congress party in the state, and expressed in severe terms the contempt of the court and the political deception practiced by the faction leader. , Ekechi Imenek and travelers with him in his overzealous ambition to become the ruler of Abia State which constantly eludes them and the latest bizarre and anti-party activities by the latter despite the current court ruling confirming Uchi-Oga as the original APC standard-bearer. in the state. “

He asked, “Who are the 1,740 people he opened as his campaign board?”

“Where did he gather them, and where did the 1,740 people gather during his fake inauguration?”

Continuing, Okorie maintained that Emenech lacked the necessary democratic credentials and electoral values ​​in Abia State, which led to his disqualification in the primary.

“President Emineke has no electoral value in Abia. That is why he cannot be the APC flag bearer in Abia. The party leadership in Abia State warns Emeneke not to pretend to be the party’s candidate. He will be forced to face the law of the land and ensure that he is sent to Imprisonment for impersonation and other related offenses within the party if he continues to display these undemocratic and anti-party methods of Eminec’s policies.

2023: Ignore Emenike’s list, we haven’t opened the campaign board – Abia APC

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