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2023: I’m Not a PhD Trader – Kwankwaso makes fun of Peter Obi

New Nigerian People’s Party NNPP Presidential Candidate Rabio Kwankwaso aims to drill for Labor Party LP Presidential Candidate Peter Obi a few weeks before the 2023 elections.

Kwankwaso said he has a PhD and over 30 years in politics and is therefore more qualified than Obi to govern Nigeria.

Speaking at Chatham House in London, Kwankwaso said competence, not feeling, should be the criterion in selecting Nigeria’s next president.

Kwankwaso noted that he had been governor for eight years and that, as a senator, he had vowed to withdraw from the presidential race only for those who were more qualified than him.

According to Kwankwaso: “I have a PhD in civil engineering. I check your candidate for what he has. I’ve been in the system for over 30 years now. I was not a trader.

“If anyone wants to withdraw Kwankwaso, let’s talk about the criteria and choose the best.

“Anytime I have a better candidate, I am ready to talk to him. If you have a party based on race and religion – that is the difference between Labor and our party, which is a national party.”

2023: I’m Not a PhD Trader – Kwankwaso makes fun of Peter Obi

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