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2023: It doesn’t make sense to say I identify with any candidate – Kwankwaso

The presidential candidate of the New Nigerian People’s Party, Senator Moses Kwankwaso, has denied any planned merger of the party with other political parties before next year’s elections, saying that some failed politicians are behind the rumours.

He spoke to reporters in Abeokuta, Ogun state, shortly after he addressed members of the National Party at the party secretariat headquarters in the capital.

Kwankwaso said, “This is utter nonsense. You see we think we are not above the three or four parties in this country, but by 2023, next year, by the grace of God, NNPP will win elections at the national level and all other levels.”

“So, these are failed politicians who have nothing to tell Nigerians other than spreading unnecessary rumors about integration.

“The merger is already gone. We have our own candidates. In all parties, everyone campaigns. So, ignore this nonsense.”

When asked if he would stand down for any candidate, he responded by saying, “Don’t ask me that nonsense.”

The presidential candidate of the National Police National Party has pledged to strengthen the Nigerian Armed Forces with one million recruits, if he is elected president.

He added that his government will grant education at all levels to citizens and give priority to empowering youth and women.

In his words, the country’s president, Olabuse Ojenni, said, “Only crazy people will vote for APC” next year.

He said that due to the level of suffering and the weak economy under the APC government, no Nigerian is expected to vote for the ruling party in 2023.

2023: It doesn’t make sense to say I identify with any candidate – Kwankwaso

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