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2023: It’s time to elect God-fearing leaders – can the Chirstains be told

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State chapter, has advised all Christians to come out on election days to exercise their constitutional duties by casting their votes for candidates of their choice.

Kaduna Chairman Rev. John Joseph Hiap, while speaking on Sunday during the programme, called: Corporate Prayers Ahead of the 2023 General Elections, said, “Christians from all walks of life in Kaduna State and the country as a whole should come out and fulfill their constitutional responsibilities by voting for candidates from their choice.

And while doing so, they must remain calm, peaceful and orderly in their behavior to vote for credible candidates who would change the country’s narratives and give new hope for the country’s unity, peace and development.

He explained, “Christians must stay away from any form of violence while ensuring that they are not intimidated by anyone by voting for candidates of their choice.”

The president of the Canadian Federation of State warned Christians against selling their votes for peanuts, saying, “Selling votes is an indication that one is inviting four more years of any kind of suffering. I think, we should think about the country’s future by electing credible leaders who will lead its affairs in a way that one can be proud of.” every Nigerian by belonging to it.”

After praying for divine intervention to bring about peaceful and credible elections in the country, he said, “now is the time for Christians to practice their faith by ensuring that they are elected God-fearing leaders who will carefully manage resources for the benefit of all without discrimination.”

2023: It’s time to elect God-fearing leaders – can the Chirstains be told

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