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2023: Niger’s CAF president pleads with INEC to remain firm and unbiased

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Niger State Rev. Bulus Dawa Yohana, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, appealed to INEC and his team at the state level to be resolute and upright and remain impartial in the discharge. of her duties as the nation approaches the 2023 general election.

John, who is also the bishop of the diocese of Kontagora, stated this in his Christmas message in Mina.

He asked the people to seize the opportunity to elect leaders who are capable, credible and good character among other qualities to create a conducive environment for all Nigerians to thrive and live in God-given dignity, peace and freedom.

John also implored all church leaders to take the association’s call seriously by encouraging their members to go and collect their PVC cards and not get discouraged by the waiting time that may be required.

We should not stop at the encouragement stage; We must actively promote the Christian duty of actively participating in our civic responsibility by getting out to vote on Election Day. A Christian worthy of this name should see the upcoming elections as a duty to bring Nigeria back from the brink of destruction and as an affirmation of faith that God truly desires all that is good for us and we will cast our votes to bring it about. The good that God wants for us and our nation.”

Niger noted that despite all the security, economic and social challenges faced by the state and Niger state in particular, “there is much to God’s appreciation especially for the democracy that has continued since 1999.”

Speaking on the occasion of Christmas, the clergyman said: “It is a special period that brings together people in the world with one goal, to celebrate togetherness, joy and peace, and above all, to share love with each other through the exchange of goodwill and gifts.”

He further said, “God’s deepest desire is for us to be truly free. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is to free people from the bondage of sin and as followers of Jesus, we are called to do less.”

He also added, “As we celebrate the Christmas season, I advise all of us to heed the call of the gospel to realize God’s rule, which is peace, justice, and fairness in our land and in the world.”

2023: Niger’s CAF president pleads with INEC to remain firm and unbiased

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