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2023: PDP Appiah loses former boss, spokesperson, 600 LDP supporters

Chief Israel Nwosu, former CEO of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in the North Umuahia Local Government Area of ​​Abia state, led some 600 party members and supporters across constituencies in the Labor Party’s East Umuahia constituency prior to Gen. 2023 elections.

Also defecting to the Workers’ Party was, along with Nwosu, the former publicity secretary of the Umuahia Northern branch of the party and former Special Adviser to Governor Okize Ekpezu on Security Affairs, Mr. Oguchukwu Okize.

While presenting the rationale behind their recent moves to the Labor Party during the Epico East Election 1 ad event in Umuahia East this weekend, the leader of the PDP defectors, explained that their latest move was necessary due to distortions and legislation. Repetition appears steadily by those entrusted with the people’s mandate under the umbrella party and to a lesser extent by the state government.

Former PDP members in Abia decried the complete lack of internal democracy and due process in the Abia branch of the party. They added that the party departed from its original ideologies and principles upon which it was founded.

They claimed the imposition of lists of ad hoc delegates who participated in the primaries held in the state by the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party.

“The lists of PDP delegates who voted in the primary elections held in 184 constituencies in seventeen local government areas in Abia State were superimposed on crowded party members in the state including those who are now party candidates.

It has been imposed on all of us. These improper actions by the leadership of the DPP have caused the Abia PDP to lose many of its leaders, core stakeholders, members and supporters of other political parties. These unhealthy practices by Abia PDP denied the basic and true democratic principle. It is on the basis of these aforementioned infractions by the Abia leadership of the PDP that we have come to our decision to leave the PDP to the Labor Party.

“You can see today that the Labor Party has tremendous support from Nigerians, it is our beliefs and we have seen that LP is the only and easy path to economic recovery in Abia and the infrastructural recovery which successive administrations have so far failed to show that they are capable of. We shall collectively work hard and ensure the delivery of all candidates who contest to the various elected political positions in the upcoming general elections, in order to enable them to provide responsive governance and effective legislative representation at every doorstep of the people.”

Receiving hundreds of defectors from the PDP, the Chairman of the Umuahia North LG Labor Party, Mr. Uche Ugele; the LP Senator candidate for Abia Central District, the Hon Darlington Nkocha; the Labor House Standard Bearer for the Umuahia East constituency seat, the Hon Austin Okezi Merigini; During the event, he praised the new party members for their bravery in getting rid of the PDP, for the Labor Party, assuring them of equal rights and equal opportunities in the party’s decision-making process and further tasking them with working for the success of all LP candidates in the state in next year’s general elections.

2023: PDP Appiah loses former boss, spokesperson, 600 LDP supporters

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