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2023: PDP candidate, Amuzu reveals a mistake Nigerians should never repeat

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate in Abeokuta South federal constituency of Ogun State Toyen Amuzu has revealed the mistake Nigerians must avoid as the nation approaches the 2023 general elections.

Amuzu warned Nigerians not to repeat the mistake made in 2015 when they fell in love with the ruling Progressive Congress (APC) party’s propaganda.

According to him, many Nigerians fell in love with the APC’s “Change Mantra”, which promised to change the nation for the better.

However, he lamented that the nation under the GPC witnessed more problems and challenges, without any evidence of solutions.

Amuzu urged voters not to repeat the same mistake of voting for APC again in the 2023 elections.

He said the ruling party lacks the willpower to find solutions to the many challenges besetting Nigeria, even with their current election promises.

He said, “The time for real change has come as the PDP with its years of experience in governance is ready to reset the nation’s economy, work on insecurity, develop infrastructure, improve the general welfare of the people, and restore various public systems, which are now being destroyed.”

Amuzu criticized the federal government that took Olokota lands for the Abeokuta rail project without compensating them with basic facilities, saying that the government would not do so.

“For us at the PDP, we are committed to the good people of Ogun State and will continue to support people and communities to grow.”

2023: PDP candidate, Amuzu reveals a mistake Nigerians should never repeat

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