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2023: Peter Obi responds to Saraki’s claim that his government would be a disaster without structure

Kenneth Okonkwo, spokesperson for Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi, has hit back at former Senate President Bukola Saraki, who recently claimed that Obi could not achieve this if he was elected as president without members of the National Assembly present.

Speaking during an interview on Arise Television on Monday, Saraki expressed fears that if Obi is elected president in 2023, his administration will be marked by disaster.

The former deputy said that the Labor Party does not have candidates to fill parliamentary seats, which may not go well, according to him, if the party wins the presidential elections.

But Okonkwo, appearing on the same platform on Tuesday, said the structures the HDP, PDP and All Progressives Congress (APC) boast about are those related to criminality, poverty, insecurity, fuel scarcity and bad leadership.

He said Obi was coming to destroy such structures and bring the country to a new level of productivity and export.

“The structures that the PDP and APC have are criminality structures, corruption structures, fuel scarcity structures, poverty structures, insecurity structures, and bad leadership structures,” he said.

“I can go on and on. So if Obi is part of that structure, you won’t see me speaking for it. That is why he has come to destroy such structures. Obi is a man who is already resigned to introducing democratic change.

When he was a member of the House of Representatives, he had no members in the House of Representatives. no one. But he was able to get everything he wanted with the approval of the House of Representatives.

“He did not have a single member of Parliament when he became governor and this is what Obasanjo would describe as a track record of ability and performance.

“What you need to control is not having members of the National Council as interesting and important as they may be. What you need is political will. What you need are strong institutions… Obi will provide the leadership…

No National Society can move against Obi because he must first misbehave. He did not misbehave in Anambra State for eight years. Even if he didn’t take the land he deserved or the pension he deserved, how could he misbehave when he becomes president? … Obi is coming. He will have members in the National Assembly but what we care about is a new Nigeria… Saraki didn’t seem any point.”

2023: Peter Obi responds to Saraki’s claim that his government would be a disaster without structure

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