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2023 Polls: Boost for Ugwuanyi, PDP as governor visits communities

Governor Ifene Ogwanye of Enugu State to represent the senatorial county of Enugu North in the National Assembly on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform continued to gather momentum as the county’s council and community areas gave their endorsement yesterday and pledged to field a governor in the upcoming general election.

They also endorsed other PDP candidates in the state including the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Peter Ndubuize Mbah and his running mate, Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai.

People gave endorsements and support when Governor Ogwanye visited their areas to interact with them and ask for their blessing before flag from PDP campaign in Enugu State billed on January 27, 2023 at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Ogui Road, Enugu.

The Governor’s first point of contact was his local government district, Odino, where he was received with hospitality.

Addressing his relatives and constituents, Governor Ogwanye thanked them for the support they had given him over the years, stating that he did not take it for granted.

Informing them of the upcoming campaign of the PDP and its visits to the six local government districts in the northern senatorial county of Enugu, the governor revealed that he found it necessary to “first come to the people who own me to inform them first, seek their blessing and offer support before the campaign officially begins”.

He urged Governor Ugwuanyi who had the explicit endorsement of the stakeholders and his constituents to ensure they have Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and prepare to vote for the PDP in the state at the polls.

In the Igbo-Eze South LGA there was a high turnout as Governor Ugwuanyi secured the commitment and endorsement of united, focused and determined leaders, stakeholders and council members to bring him and other PDP candidates in the state to the polls.

The governor expressed his gratitude to them and promised to continue the ongoing projects in the Majlis area.

Upon reaching Inyi Ogboegazi, Igbo-Eze North LGA, the jubilant people of the community broke out in their numbers to cheer and support the Ugwuanyi ruler of the Senate, revealing that Ugwuanyi was the first ruler to visit their community, giving them a sense of belonging.

In Ette, Igbo-Eze North LGA, the jubilant people of the community in the home of a successful businessman and selfless leader, Steve Agada, endorsed Governor Ugwuanyi for the Senate.

People also endorsed other PDP candidates in the state including PDP gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Peter Ndubuize Mbah, and party candidates for Igbo-Eze North/Udenu federal constituency and Igbo-Eze North II constituency, Hon. The engineer. Simon Ategwe and Hon. Clifford OBE in succession, and pledged to give the PDP 100 percent of the vote in the election.

They thanked Governor Ogwanye for his unprecedented interventions in society, particularly in the areas of security, human capital development and infrastructure such as the renovation of schools, dirt roads and three boreholes, among others.

The story was the same in Igogoro, Igbo-Eze North LGA, when Governor Ugwuanyi arrived at the community where the people, including their religious and traditional leaders, gave their endorsement and commended the ruler for the construction of the Community Primary School (CPS) II Igogoro and the continuous grading of their route.

People similarly expressed their gratitude to the governor for providing well drilling in Odomogwu and Nkpunato communities and a rural electrification project in Abba community which they said they carried out separately with N5million given by Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration to each of the more than 470 autonomous communities in the district. State to implement a priority project of their choice.

In a related development, the Petroleum Traders Confederation of Nigeria (PEDAN), North Senator District of Enugu, led by the Chairman, Nzi Emma Nwezi, has thrown their weight behind Governor Ogwane’s request in the Senate, stating that the governor’s nomination is an “answered prayer.”

Speaking when they paid a solidarity visit to Governor Ogwanye at Government House, Enugu, Nwezi said, “This Assembly has been fervently praying to God to give us a man to represent the senatorial county of Enugu North in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly. A time like this requires a strong mind, a great heart, true faith and a ready hand.” A man who is not killed by lust for office A man who does not buy the spoils of office A man of opinion and will A man of honour A man who does not lie A man who dares to confront demagoguery and condemn treacherous flattery without getting angry A man tall, sun-crowned who stands above the mist in public duty And your own thought. You, Governor Ogwani, is the man.”

The Assembly commended the Governor for your “many achievements in the past seven and a half years in Enugu State”, adding: “The river along the Enugu Road has disappeared into Nsukka during my few months in office; the dual carriageway from Obi to Nsukka City with its gleaming electricity; the impossible roads from Eha Alumona to Leke and from Imilike to Ezimo including Enugu Ezike town roads and Hospitals in Enugu-Ezike, Ibagwa; and too many other projects too numerous to mention here.

I recently added another big feather in Nsukka’s cap with the construction of a State University of Medical and Applied Sciences in Igbo-Eno. It remains particularly interesting to appoint a professor from Nsukka to be the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Medicine. What about the T-Junction Flyover Bridge and Federal Polytechnic in Ohodo attracted me? They are all your accomplishments.”

2023 Polls: Boost for Ugwuanyi, PDP as governor visits communities

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