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2023 Prophecy: The Light Has Come to Nigeria – Rev. Enenshi

Rev. Paul Eninch, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, predicted a new dawn for the country.

The man of God who proclaimed the prophecy of the year 2023 during the Night of the Cross at the church headquarters, Glory Dome Abuja, that the light has come to Nigeria.

The gospel preacher said that God’s glory will be restored to the nation and in the lives of church members in the new year.

He said, “The glory of your life, your family, your community, the church in Nigeria, the glory of this church, and the glory of our nation Nigeria, rises in this season.

“Light in your hands, I prophesy a blast of light! Every trace of the power of darkness around your life, your family and our nation, I declare buried by the light!”

“Enter the season of honour, dignity and distinction, Nigeria! Enter! Extraordinary, wonderful and supernatural supplies! Royalties, kings and nobles will seek you! And they will give! And for you, your term on the ground floor is over!”

“2023! The light has come! To Nigeria! To your family! To my family!”

2023 Prophecy: The Light Has Come to Nigeria – Rev. Enenshi

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