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2023: Secondus has not completed high school, he is not a member of the PDP – Wike insists

Rivers State Gov. Nisom Weik told Oche Secundos, the former national chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, that he was no longer a member of the party.

Wake said that for this reason, the former party chairman cannot speak on issues related to the main opposition party.

He also alleged that Secondus was whipped for alleged crimes by a former military official.

Wike was responding to Secondus’ claim that the governor did not have powers to force a presidential nominee on Rivers voters.

This was after the governor said, during the week, that by January 1, he would announce to Rivers owners who they would vote for during the 2023 presidential election.

Wike Secondus has been described as a meddlesome interloper because he was expelled from the opposition party by his Andoni wing.

The governor spoke at the opening of the Aluu-Omagwa Link road that was held at Omuagubia Stadium on Saturday.

“I read a newspaper this morning where a former member of our party, one of the O’Shea Secundos, said that no one man could force a presidential candidate on the people of Rivers.

He is not a member of our party. His ward kicks him out of the party.

“So far, you are not a member of our party.”

Wake said he told the former party leader that he would not run the party primaries in the 2023 election and so it happened.

However, the Governor said that he never said on any occasion that he would impose a candidate on them but would only tell them his choice of presidential candidate at the appropriate time.

“But don’t blame them,” he added, “when you haven’t finished high school, you won’t understand the grammar.”

2023: Secondus has not completed high school, he is not a member of the PDP – Wike insists

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