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2023: The international body commissions the next president, and another to tackle poverty and deprivation

With the 2023 General Elections fast approaching, the International Food, Shelter and Empowerment (IOFSE) has asked those who will emerge leaders at all levels to tackle the issues of poverty and other forms of deprivation in Nigeria.

IOFSE Executive Director Declan Okudere Ogwen gave the advice on Wednesday in Idiato, Imo State while speaking about the upcoming 2023 general election.

It should be noted that in November 2022 the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that 133 million Nigerians, representing 63 percent of the population, suffer from multidimensional poverty.

The National Bureau of Statistics said the huge number of poor people in the country resulted from a lack of access to health, education, living standards, employment and security.

A World Bank assessment revealed that Nigeria’s poverty exceeds global expectations and describes the country as the poverty capital of the world.

Offering more insights into the level of poverty in the country and the world organization’s interventions, Oguino who was flanked by the Country Director and COO said that although they don’t care about partisan politics, the IOFSE is just as concerned about the unnecessarily ugly. Nigerians are facing the situation.

He added that with the vast human and material resources available in the county, Nigerians have no reason to sink into acute poverty and hardship as it has been for years.

He said that none of the administrations that have ruled Nigeria over the years have been able to find permanent solutions to the problem of poverty, unemployment, lack of shelter, quality education and so on.

However, the IOFSE Executive Director acknowledged that there have been commendable attempts by a few ministries and agencies past and present to address the issues, saying despite this, the efforts failed to produce the expected results.

He assumed that, despite the electoral promises of presidential candidates, governors, and lawmakers at all levels, the new leaders should take the fight against poverty and empower the people as a first line.

“What we at IOFSE believe is that ending poverty, which means, crafting and disseminating policies that will empower people, make them self-sufficient and able to employ others, should be the primary concern of the incoming administration at all levels.

“The above should be seen as an emergency because almost every other aspect of governance is linked to poverty and deprivation. Deprivation and the stress that comes with it are major causes of insecurity and crime,” he said.

2023: The international body commissions the next president, and another to tackle poverty and deprivation

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