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2023: Trial of electoral offenders will ensure acceptance of poll results – King Bayelsa

The Chairman of the Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Governors, Bubarai Dhakulu, said that the impartiality of the Nigerian police, including ensuring that perpetrators of electoral fraud are arrested and promptly prosecuted will ensure that the election results are accepted.

According to him, it is a shame that electoral offenders are getting away with their crimes, noting that this should not be the case in the 2023 general election.

Dakolo also blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for ensuring that it handles electoral processes effectively, in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of elections.

The monarch of the first class also ordered the leaders of political parties and their supporters to respect the laws of the country during the upcoming elections.

Dakolo, Agada IV and Ibinanawe of the Kingdom of Ekpetiyama made this call when Maurice Alagoa, State Coordinator for Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, led a team on a call visit to his office in Yanagua, to research level-play in the state.

We came here not for the exclusive interest of our party, the Labor Party, but for the collective interest of all the political parties and stakeholders of the state. Considering that peace is not only priceless and that terrorism is meaningless; “No single organization, community, or individual has a monopoly on violence,” Morris said.

The traditional governor said: “I am calling on INEC to do its job properly this season. I am also calling on all leaders of political parties in Nigeria to comply with the rules. Some parties lose in court because they did not hold simple primaries properly in some states. Simple primaries did not It is made correctly!

“I will urge all parties to follow the rules, including the INEC and then also allow all citizens to follow the rules. The rules I’m talking about here, include live and let live, vote and let the other man vote.”

Criticizing the police, he said, “I would like to take this opportunity to call on the Nigerian police responsible for peace and security to ensure that anyone trying to buy votes should be arrested and prosecuted; no matter what loopholes are set up, attempts to deceive the system or violence in any form must be prosecuted. Shapes, because it’s a huge shame that over the years, no one has been charged and imprisoned for electoral violence.

“I know some people have styled themselves as electoral thugs and say, ‘It’s our season again.’ So this is a challenge to Nigerian police and law enforcement agencies in general that no Nigerian should see election season as their season because of bullying, dollars election.”

2023: Trial of electoral offenders will ensure acceptance of poll results – King Bayelsa

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