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2023: We Will Judge You for Failure – Ogedei Ball, Charlie Boy by Peter Opie

Social, political and environmental activist Musa Ogedei Paul said the Labor Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and his running mate, Yusuf Dati Baba Ahmed, must be held accountable if they deviate from their campaign promises.

Ogidi-Paul conducted the call at the show, Fixing Nigeria, a participatory audience program and was included in a statement.

Paul stressed the need for Nigerians to understand the current political wavelength saying that it is an indication of a change in the political system in Nigeria.

According to Paul Ogedei: “I am warning Nigerians that even with the victory of the Labor Party, the Labor Party, the presidential candidate Peter Obi, I am warning Nigerians to be ready to hold him and Dr. Yusuf Dati Baba Ahmed accountable at the banner of the slightest deviation from their campaign promises.”

Independent singer and activist Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, better known as Charlie Boy, also called on Nigerians to support the birth of a new Nigeria through deliberate acts of patriotism that contribute to improving the country’s image.

Charlie Boy expressed his dissatisfaction with the current situation in the country, especially the issues of security, poverty, diversity and unity.

2023: We Will Judge You for Failure – Ogedei Ball, Charlie Boy by Peter Opie

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