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2023: We will leave no stone unturned to take back Kaduna – PDP

The main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kaduna State has expressed its determination to ensure that no stone is left in its efforts to restore the state in 2023.

State Party Chairman Felix Hassan Hayat confirmed this during the inauguration of the State Campaign Council (SCC) and State Campaign Management Committee (SCMC) in Kaduna on Monday.

According to him, the PDP is battle-ready to win the national and state elections on the upcoming 2023 poll, stressing that “Our position is, therefore, PDP all the way come 2023. The campaign structure is designed to achieve this.”

He explained that the structure of the electoral campaign is nothing but a leadership group, emphasizing that the responsibility of winning the elections rests with every member of the party and every Nigerian to save Kaduna State and the country.

According to the Chairman, the good people of Kaduna State have suffered unspeakable hardships in the past seven and a half years of APC administration in areas of insecurity, division of society, impeachment, unwarranted attack of civil service and disobedience to state rule. Among other things, he said that the party is ready to save the country in next year’s elections.

He said, “Let me clarify at this point that the State Campaign Council has the task of formulating campaign guidelines, strategies, etc. The State Campaign Management Committee is the executing organ. Therefore, the two organs must work together smoothly and achieve the desired positive results.”

He noted that people now have a chance to join the People’s Democratic Party to save themselves and the state, claiming that Governor Al-Rifai has publicly declared that his successor, the GPC’s ruling candidate, will be more ruthless than him.

He stated that with the new election law which mandated that every vote be counted, the unfortunate experience of the 2019 general elections is now a thing of the past.

Hyatt said, “We should all be guided by the long saying ‘United, divided we fall’. We should welcome constructive criticism, be open to suggestions and new ideas and bring people with them and adopt an open-door policy.”

2023: We will leave no stone unturned to take back Kaduna – PDP

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