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2023: With massive support all around, Benue – Gov Ortom will be held by PDP [PHOTOS]

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has expressed confidence that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, will retain all its electoral positions in next year’s elections.

Governor Ortom made the statement on Monday, November 14, 2022, in his remarks when raising the banner of Pino Northeast’s Senate campaign for re-election of Senator Gabriel Soswam.

According to the governor, the huge turnout of supporters at the flag-raising ceremony was an indication that the residents of the Senate District in District A were ready to vote for all PDP candidates.

In his words: “It is very clear with the crowd we are witnessing here that Kwande will again vote in large numbers for the PDP. It is an indication that District A comprising seven Local Government Areas will vote in large numbers for the PDP. I dare say that the district” b and c remain PDP strongholds in Benue State.”

The governor further emphasized that the PDP faced challenges in the state during the 2015 elections when it defected to another party, stating that the PDP has since returned to its winning ways.

“I realize that in 2015 PDP ran into problems when I left PDP for APC and due to mismanagement of APC in Nigeria, I returned to PDP and since then, we have occupied the space in Nigeria and Benue State,” Ortom said.

“We will continue to work together” for the good of the state, Governor Ortom, while thanking the people for attending in large numbers at the flag-raising ceremony, assured.

He affirmed, “We believe in unity of purpose. We believe in working together and that is why we have all seen it here, Senator Soswam, myself, Senator Appa Moro and all the members of the House of Representatives and members of the National Assembly here. I would like to assure you that by the grace of God, by the year 2023, the PDP will win all the way “.

In his remarks, Senator Soswam, Representative of Northeastern Benue District, said the National Assembly was a place for men of courage, focus and determination to attract a federal presence into their constituencies.

He ordered the people to elect the triumvirate of Ortom, Abba Moro and himself as Senators because they had what it takes to come together and give effective representation.

Senator Soswam especially brought up the major projects he has implemented in the Senate district and called on the people to re-elect him to consolidate his achievements.

He noted that with the unity of Benuet’s representatives in the National Assembly, he would be in a better position to do more.

Soswam has also instructed people to vote for Rt Hon Titus Uba as the state’s governor in the 2023 gubernatorial election.

He added that as Speaker of the Benue State House of Representatives, Oba showed competence and was already familiar with governance and would not learn on the job to move the state forward.

Senator representing Benue South County Senator Patrick Aba Moro stated in a goodwill message that he came “in solidarity to show that we are in one Benue State”, stressing that his trio of himself, Ortom and Suswam, when elected, should cooperate in order to ensure that the state does not fall short. in the national power equation.

Noting that “the government’s primary responsibility is to secure lives and property,” he said the Ortom administration continued to defend it as a result of the federal government’s failure to provide security for citizens.

“Unity is our strength for progress,” said DPP gubernatorial candidate Inger Oba, who is represented by Lieutenant Governor John Ngbede, stressing that the people’s welfare and security will remain our top priority if elected, and vowed not to disappoint the people. .

Head of State for the PDP, Hon. Isaac Mffo had earlier received correspondents from the APC to the PDP and presented party flags to all candidates for various elective offices in District A.

The event chair, Professor Dennis Dennis A. Ittiaviar said that District A is ready to give all the HDP candidates in next year’s elections the largest number of votes and ensure that the party wins convincingly.

Area A Campaign Management Committee Director, Dr Paul Obua, Shirlady, Ms. Moise Obebe, Board Member, Ms. Margaret Eichen Ladies, as well as Professor James McConville, Professor Nicholas Ada and Clement Adzwanongo, who spoke for Sankera, Kwande and Jechira Pledge In separate remarks, support is extended to ensure that the PDP wins the 2023 elections.

Thousands of party supporters swarmed the ACC Adikpo Football Stadium to take part in the PDP campaign.


2023: With massive support all around, Benue – Gov Ortom will be held by PDP [PHOTOS]

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