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2023: You’ll end up in jail – Ned Nuku

The war of words between Rivers Gov. Nesom Wake and Senator Ned Nuku has taken on another dimension.

Wike was in a video targeting Nwoko’s mining on the Paris Club’s $418 refund.

But in response, Nwoko vowed, in a statement issued by his media directorate, which he personally signed, that it was only a matter of time until Wike ended up in prison for his alleged corrupt practices.

He also accused Wike of making fraudulent claims over alleged payments of the 13% derivation to Southern and Southern states, calling Wike’s claim fraudulent.

In the statement made available to the DAILY POST, Nwoko, characteristic of a rebellious ruler, said, “Wike has once again plunged into the case of recovering the $418 Paris Club, a legitimate entitlement of Prince Ned Nwoko, who, as a highly regarded lawyer, has patriotic prowess, securing billions of dollars for governments.” local and state governments, including the management of Wike as a beneficiary.”

Wike was punishing him, he said, (Nwoko) for claiming money that the international lawyer had already received and approved by the federal government after various court rulings and 3 separate EFCC reports supporting the payments.

When requests for professional fees that have been duly approved by legal authorities and vetted by anti-corruption agencies such as EFCC and DSS become ‘fraudulent’.

“We are appalled by Wyke’s wild, vicious and despicable hunt.

“Ned Nuku Directorate of Information asserts to the contrary, Governor Rivers State has received a huge share of over 60 billion naira in refunds from the Paris Club to the states, thanks to the tougher things of Prince Ned Nuku taking the Federal Government to the Courts on behalf of the States and Governments domestic and triumphed over arbitrary discounts.”

Nwoko claimed to have infallible evidence that Wike had not only amassed the massive funds, but wasted the proceeds through bogus ventures and frivolous trips around the world on outrageous ego trips.

Like discerning members of the public, we are aware of Wyke’s primal amassing of illicit election plunder, a dubious game plan that only a man of obscure character could have concocted.

Wake spoke about the corruption of some conservatives. The kettle can not be called a black pot. The man with both hands stained with filthy profit lacks the moral justification for uttering a single word on embezzlement. Sanctification is an unforgivable crime. Wake, regardless of the allegation, has subjected himself to imprisonment.

We need to remind Wike for the umpteenth time, in case he forgot, that 25 innocent babies on life support died in a hospital owned by Rivers State in the same hour because the hospital couldn’t afford electricity. Meaningless projects for self-aggrandizement.

In due course when his dictatorship on the high horse comes to an end, he will surely answer charges of criminal negligence at the International Court of Justice for the sad deaths of these children.

It is amusing that a man of immense depraved inclinations and reckless extravagance can speak so shamelessly when his activities imply unimaginable fraud and fraud.

Who was Wake when Ned Nuku returned to Nigeria in 1999 to win the seat of the Inyosha/Uchimele federal constituency and form the Green Chambers of the National Assembly as Distinguished Member, House of Representatives?

“His spoon-feeding him to become ruler through godfather syndrome in 2015, desperately grabbing public funds in his chest, should not be a license for bragging and bullying. Let Wike reveal the source of wealth he now flaunts with vain vain taste. Can he stay out of politics Dirty?” Nwoko wondered.

About alleged payments of 13% derivatives to South-South countries, Nwoko said Wike was falsely and maliciously trying to pit people against certain conservatives.

Wake takes deceptive positions in a panic to cover his tracks on the serious known secret related to his involvement in national economic sabotage through refueling.

“If the Governor’s specious slanders about Paris Club refunds were outlawed and unserious, his pedestrian rants about Ned Nuku’s marriage amounted to nothing. His childishly lying tantrums that the man had imaginary “20 wives” sounded like beer-hall chatter, unbelievable from The lips of the ruler. How nauseating and condescending. But this is Wike, channeled by gutter language and corrupt gangs.

Let Wike deceive himself in the false mantle of a ruler. By six months he was descended into the common people, stripped of all immunity, devoid of ostentatious manners and haughty airs. Prince Ned Nuku, a fellow civilian who had never been out on the street with Wike, would then coerce him To answer questions about his string of lies and corrupt acts of corruption, he is on standby, doggedly waiting for Governor Rivers to be brought to justice very soon.

“Since Wike lost the presidential ticket to the People’s Democratic Party and his vice-presidential candidacy failed due to his brashness and unreliable temperament, he has been crying and whining on TV and in all the forums. Instead of licking his painful wounds, he has chosen an annoying path of blame game and transfer of aggression. How pathetic. On a false emperor crumble like old nursery clown Humpty Dumpty.

“We wish here to stress for the avoidance of doubt that no outside influence either overt or covert prompted Prince Ned Nwoko to challenge Wike’s transgressions as the Star Prince of Anioma is a man of his own influence, unaffected and independent by nature.

“He is driven by the conviction as a pioneer and powerful stakeholder in the PDP, that the disjointed Wike, latter-day political noisemaker and opportunist has become a power-drunken shop bull in China that must be dealt with decisively, before he plots more divisive embarrassment.”

Nwoko added that he has all it takes to humble Wike.

2023: You’ll end up in jail – Ned Nuku

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