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24 hours after Atiku’s rally in Ikiti, PDP factions blame the split

Barely twenty-four hours after the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, held his presidential caucus rally in Ekiti state, factions in the local branch of the party are exchanging blame for the success or lack thereof of Tuesday’s rally.

The march was boycotted by former governor Ayu Fayos, seven of the nine National Assembly candidates, several House of Representatives candidates and other leaders who are discontented with the party’s current state.

The split in the party was demonstrated during a radio program on Wednesday monitored by the DAILY POST, in which the State PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr. Rafael Adeyango, and a Fayos media worker, Mr. Omotoso Okeya, appeared as guests.

While Adyango claimed that Atiku’s campaign rally in Ekiti “was a great success”, Oke responded by saying that the rally “was nothing to write home about because the split in the party that he was responsible for losing in the recent gubernatorial election had yet to be addressed.”

Objecting to Adyango’s claim that the presidential caucus was successful, Oki revealed that Fayos, seven National Assembly candidates, and several House of Representatives candidates boycotted the rally because they were despised by the party leadership who believed they were “not important in the party”. Ceremony.”

Okieh revealed that many party believers, especially those in the Fayos camp, avoided the gathering because the national leadership of the party impeded them in reaching the selection of the members of the presidential campaign committee and the method and manner of disbursing funds in favor of the party. Playing sports.

The loyalist to the former governor added that accepting SDP members into the People’s Democratic Party and giving them roles in the local local election commission had created bad blood within the local branch, as he did not show remorse for working against the party in the last governorship. An election that contributed to his unfortunate third place in the ballot.

But Adyango hit back by holding Fayos and his supporters responsible for the PDP’s poor performance in the 2022 conservative elections accusing the former governor of “selling out the party to the opposition”.

Ekiti PDP spokesperson said the party has no choice but to offer initiatives to the members who defected from the SDP to return to their former party to make it stronger before the next general elections and avoid another poor performance if it enters the elections at present. condition.

The SDP members have been admitted back into the party on the strength of the fact that the party came second in the gubernatorial elections, Adyango said, noting that the return will strengthen the PDP to achieve a strong performance in the upcoming elections.

Okeya responded by saying that it would be reckless for anyone to think that SDP members would work for the PDP when their party (SDP) had presidential candidates and National Assembly and State Assembly like PDP insist their interest would be in the flag bearers of their party.

He said, “There was nothing to celebrate about (Atiku’s) rally yesterday (Tuesday). Apart from the ex-conservative Fayos, out of nine National Assembly candidates there were only two while seven were conspicuously absent, so Fayos was not alone He who was not there.

“The absolute majority of the candidates weren’t there and that’s something you need to understand. I found it very difficult why some people make a fool of themselves, why some people celebrate the presidential caucus. Is the presidential caucus the final one?”

“We can still remember what happened during the last Conservative election, the PDP lost so woefully when we should have been sitting. We should have thought more carefully about the possible reasons for that poor performance. Then we can now ask ourselves have we addressed some of the reasons why What led us to this poor performance?The answer is no.

“The lingering crisis in the PDP has not been resolved, and the PDP has not identified the problems that made the party a distant third in the last gubernatorial election. Comparing yesterday’s rally with the rebound in 2019, you will see there was nothing to write home about.”

“I agree that we have factions in the party,” Adyango said, “we have identified the crisis and we are trying to solve it. Did you know that our votes split into two parts in the last gubernatorial election?”

“People who were upset with our party management broke away from the SDP and we thought that if we let them stay in the SDP there was no way any of our candidates could win the next election.

“Those who are in the APC are still in the APC and the majority of our party members are in the Social Democratic Party. Are you telling me that the people remaining in the PDP can still win elections for your grassroots candidates? The truth is we need a comeback These people (in the SDP) go home so we can win back the votes we lost another time around.

“This is what we just did that those who have gone to the SDP, we need to call them together so we can put together a common front. Are you telling me that with the current situation of the PDP without the SDP members, can we win the elections? We need to bring them back and if we do So, what did we do wrong?”

24 hours after Atiku’s rally in Ikiti, PDP factions blame the split

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