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33 illegal immigrants from Chad and Togo were arrested in Ogun

About 32 Chadians and one Togolese have been arrested by the Nigerian Immigration Service at their hideouts in Oudida Local Government Area, Ogun State.

The Ogun State Command in Israeli shekels reviewed the suspects at its office in Abeokuta on Saturday.

Addressing reporters, the Ogun Command Immigration Controller, Gebreen Yakubu, explained that the suspects do not have valid travel documents, adding that they have no means of making a living.

According to him, the illegal immigrants were arrested on Wednesday after General Intelligence officers stormed their hideout in Ouedida at 12 am.

While describing them as security threats to the nation, Yakubu maintained that their entry into the country was illegal and their purpose in coming to Nigeria was suspicious.

He said foreign nationals could only communicate in French.

“They told us that they had received an invitation from the Togolese to work in the networking field. They had to register and after registration, they would have to pay an amount of money for this registration; their accounts would be funded every week,” he explained.

But, he added, the Togolese who brought them into the country showed no business for which he recruited the Chadians.

He was informed that the aliens would be returned next week.

33 illegal immigrants from Chad and Togo were arrested in Ogun

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