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350 barrels of gasoline and diesel lost in a fire in Yola – Chief of the Fire Service

The fire Wednesday night destroyed at least 350 barrels of petrol and diesel, according to the Adamawa Fire Service. The accident was attributed to a fire explosion at a fuel storage facility in Yola, the state capital.

Adamawa State Fire Department Director Adamu Abdullahi made the revelation during a press interview Thursday afternoon, confirming that the truck that was unloading some barrels was smashed beyond recognition by the fire.

Confirming that the destroyed gas station was illegally operated by a black marketer named Ibrahim Me Engine Oil, Adamo revealed that the fire was caused by friction between loaded barrels and may have spread to the neighborhood if firefighters did not respond quickly.

“It was a terrible thing when we responded to a distress call last night. Not only did I have to rally my people, but I also had to reach out to our sister stations, including FARO Industry and the Federal Fire Service,” Adamo said.

He added, “Upon arrival there, we discovered that a large number of barrels filled with petrol and diesel caught fire due to the friction of the loaded barrels on top of each other.

“So what happened was a fire exploded from the loaded drums that engulfed the place. We had to save not only the complex but also the larger perimeter and neighborhood with legally operating petrol and LPG (gas) gas stations.”

He said that there is another visit to the site to ascertain the extent of the damage.

“We returned this morning for further assessment, and noted that apart from the 200 barrels of petrol and 150 barrels of diesel that had been destroyed, a truckload from the scene had burned beyond recognition,” he said.

According to him, the precautionary work done by his men on the crowd prevented human casualties, pointing out that they faced an initial challenge in reaching the scene of the accident due to traffic and motorists not responding to and responding to sirens.

350 barrels of gasoline and diesel lost in a fire in Yola – Chief of the Fire Service

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