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63 Russian soldiers were killed in a missile strike by Ukrainian forces

63 Russian soldiers were killed in missile strikes by Ukrainian forces in the Russian-controlled town of Makevka located in part of the Donetsk region, Voice of America reported.

According to the American outlet, the unusual announcement of losses by the Russian Ministry of Defense came as Russia continued to launch air strikes on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. However, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that all 40 drones that targeted the city and its suburbs were shot down.

It also reported that the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that Ukraine hit the Makeyevka site with four of the six missiles fired from the High Precision Artillery Missile System (HIMARS) that the United States sent to Ukrainian forces, although its forces shot down two of these missiles. Incoming missiles.

Reports also indicated that the Directorate of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed on Sunday that about 400 Russian servicemen were killed in a vocational school building in Makievka, and about 300 others were injured.

Dozens were killed and wounded in the attack, but the exact number is still unknown, said Daniil Bezunov, a senior Russian official in the Moscow-controlled areas of the Donetsk region.

The deadly attack, which many international affairs commentators and security experts have described as a major blow to Putin’s forces, came 314 days after Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

63 Russian soldiers were killed in a missile strike by Ukrainian forces

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