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A 21-year-old man is serving four years in prison for stealing Infinix phones

The Ekiti State High Magistrates Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti sentenced 21-year-old Olabi Olamide to four years in prison with hard labour, after being found guilty of five counts that included storming the police, robbery and desertion from the police. Custody.

The accused was brought before Judge Michael Fulla on five criminal counts of causing a breach of peace by jumping over the fence of an Ototo Ifene, illegally breaking into his shop, stealing items worth millions of naira and escaping from police custody while in custody. For inquiries, among other things.

Offenses Violated and Punished Under Sections 181, 322, 363, and 120(a) of the Criminal Code, Number 12, Volume 1, Laws of Ekiti State, Nigeria, 2021.

The charges were read, explained and explained to the defendant, who pleaded guilty.

The complainant, Ototo Ifene, was led by Prosecutor Inspector Bankul Olasunkanmi in the evidence. He bids for power banks, recovers Infinix phones, phone cases and other valuables as exhibits.

The defendant did not contest all the documents submitted and confessed to committing the crimes as charged.

Judge Michael Fulla delivered his ruling, sentencing the defendant to three years in prison on the second count (jumping over a fence) and one year in prison on the fifth count (escaping from police custody) with hard labour. The sentences run consecutively.

The judge ordered that all items recovered from the defendant, currently in police custody, be released to the complainant immediately.

A 21-year-old man is serving four years in prison for stealing Infinix phones

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