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A fire destroys an illegal fuel depot in Yola

A fire in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, destroyed an illegal fuel depot.

The fire broke out late Wednesday evening at the warehouse located next to a popular road junction called Meduki Roundabout, near the entrance gate of Yola International Airport, Khimita.

Witnesses said the fire broke out around 6:30 pm, destroying unconfirmed quantities of gasoline that a senior black marketer was said to have purchased and stored in the warehouse.

Aside from the warehouse and its contents, the massive fire destroyed vehicles parked around the area.

The fire burned in the night and was visible to the inhabitants of Yola many kilometers away in the growing darkness.

The fuel depot fire came amid worsening fuel scarcity around Adamawa state, which has been characterized by its high cost and widespread black market operations.

On a Wednesday morning in Yola, fuel was selling for as little as N300 per liter at the few filling stations that had it, while black marketers were charging N700 to N2000 for a 4 liter gallon of the good.

A fire destroys an illegal fuel depot in Yola

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