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A man is arrested for kidnapping and killing victims in Ogun

Police have arrested Usman Aliyu, a suspected member of a kidnapping gang, in Ogun State.

Earlier, the police arrested two members of the “killer” gang in Onigbedo Forest in Iwekoro Local Government Area in Ogun.

In a statement on Sunday, Ogun State Police spokesperson Abimbola Oyeyemi said the police were involved in aggressive bush combing exercises, which led to the arrest of Osman, who had fled earlier.

The fleeing suspect was arrested on December 14, following the information received by the policemen in Ewekoro Division that the suspect was seen on a commercial motorcycle in Onigbedu, heading towards Papalanto in Lagos Road.

Based on the information, Oyemi said the Ewekoro Division’s Director of Defense Operations, CSP Sunday Opebiyi, quickly mobilized his men in a stop-and-search operation along the aforementioned route, saying “the suspect was later identified and arrested on the spot.”

Oyemi stated that the man “confessed during interrogation, and admitted that he was a member of the kidnappers’ gang, of which two members were arrested earlier and a victim was rescued.”

He told the police that there were six of them, and that when two of them were caught, the remaining four members ran in different directions in the woods.

“But since the policemen are relentless in searching for them in the bushes, he decided to go out and ride a commercial motorbike from that vicinity,” Oyemi said.

According to him, the suspect further admitted that his gang was responsible for the kidnapping of Olabi Abiodun and Facordi Kazim in Kebbi Village, Idi Ori, Abeokuta on October 7, 2022.

Oyemy said the kidnapped Fakuridi Kazim “was killed by the gang because he was unable to walk quickly while they were taking them away in the bushes.”

He informed the police that they also abducted a 10-year-old girl, Adekunle Esther, and a 15-year-old boy, Adekunle Adebayo, at Olomowewe Street, Rounder, Abeokuta on October 10, 2022.

He had further admitted that on October 19, the gang kidnapped Mrs. Famoriwa of Apol Igai in Suiwi, ​​Abeokuta, at the entrance of their home, and murdered her 65-year-old husband, Festus Famoriwa. The wife was later released after a ransom was collected.

Also, on November 16, 2022, the duo of Olatunji Aziz and Usuba Moroof were reportedly dragged away by the same gang in the town of Olugobi in Ituri to pay a ransom.

“All the victims, including the two children, came forward to identify the suspects as the ones who had abducted them,” Oyemy said.

On the other hand, Police Commissioner Lanre Bancol praised the public for giving the police the necessary information, assuring that other members of the gang would be arrested.

A man is arrested for kidnapping and killing victims in Ogun

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