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A nine-person gang specialized in dismembering victims who were arrested in Borno

The Borno State Police Command has arrested a nine-man gang of serial ritualists known as ‘Karangya’ who specialize in dismembering the body parts of their victims.

Briefing reporters on Friday in Maiduguri, the Commissioner of Police explained that the suspects were arrested on December 16, 2022 by the Command.

According to him, “The suspects killed unknown persons and tore their body parts. The last incident where the eyes of the victim were removed was recorded around the post office area.”

He added that there was another case where a woman was killed and thrown into the river and her body parts were removed.

The police commissioner stated that the investigators launched an intelligence investigation to find who was behind the crime after visiting the crime scene.

He explained that at around 19:45, Muhammad Bukar, an 18-year-old from Shawari district in Maiduguri, mentioned in Jiri division that on December 16, 2022, he went with his friend to take his phone from his whereabouts. They saw a group of young men who called themselves members of the ‘Karanjia’, armed with sticks and ships, were heading towards them.

Upon reaching them, he said that members of the group started beating him while his friend was running away.

During this, he said, one of the militants, Ali Bakkar, used a long knife and tried to cut off his head, but he used his left hand to protect his head.

He added that the suspect raised a sander, cut off the victim’s hand and fled, leaving him in a pool of blood.

The CP explained that the police arrested the main suspect and eight others for investigation and subsequent prosecution when they stormed the scene.

Omar confirmed that the accused will be tried after the investigations.

A nine-person gang specialized in dismembering victims who were arrested in Borno

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