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Acceptance Poll Results 2023 – Tell the Nigerian Football Association

The Ariwa Advisory Forum, advised Nigerians to strictly accept the results of this year’s elections for the survival of democracy in Nigeria.

According to the forum, there should be winners and losers, emphasizing that whatever way it goes, no one should try to disrespect Nigerians’ decision to condemn or reject the outcome.

A statement issued by Forum Secretary General Mallam Murtala Aliyu said that any attempt to reject the election result would be a harsh attack on democracy in the country and would be considered unacceptable and detrimental to the democratic process.

The statement made clear that the determination of Nigerians to successfully conclude the 2023 general elections was not in doubt. Given all that has been accomplished, there is no earthly reason for anyone to even attempt to tamper with the announced election timeline. That would be totally unacceptable.”

The forum called on leaders at all levels to take all steps to ensure the safety of life and property of all citizens and foreigners in their areas before, during and after the elections, saying Nigerians should ensure a peaceful transition from one civil administration to another.

The forum also advised the media to play a responsible role in easing the tension that may arise as a result of the elections and their results.

CAF expressed its pleasure at introducing technology into the election process, stressing that it was a correct step that would serve to check hitherto usual electoral practices of over-voting, ballot-stuffing, hijacking of ballot boxes and alteration of results.

The Forum believes that online transmission of results from polling points to counting centers and providing facilities for people to monitor election results online are also innovations that will ensure that elections are not rigged.

The statement praised the efforts of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to create an enabling environment that ensures that elections are free and fair, and that every vote that is cast counts in the country.

The statement noted that although the principle of rotation of power remains somewhat controversial, efforts must be made to reconcile the various sections to accept that Nigeria is a country for all its citizens, and every citizen has the right to choose what he believes. To be in the interest of themselves and their followers.

The forum recommended that voters consider clear and objective partisan data and the candidates’ personality and records.

She advised Nigerians to vote beyond ethnic, religious or geographical interests, stressing that they should look for leaders who best serve national interests.

Acceptance Poll Results 2023 – Tell the Nigerian Football Association

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