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Acting Chief Justice of Koji visits prison and delivers justice

An inmate at Okene Prison in Kogi State claimed that smoking marijuana relieved him of emotional pain.

Mark Udo, a mechanical engineer and graduate of the Federal University of Science and Technology in Mina, Niger State, stated this when he requested leniency during his meeting with the acting Chief Justice of Kogi State, Judge Josiah Magibe who was on a tour inside the prison as part of a prison overcrowding program.

While answering a question about why he smoked weed, Audu, from Ajaokuta, Kogi state, said: “I’ve always missed my dad, so when I smoke weed it makes me sleep completely.”

The prisoner who was admitted to prison on September 19, 2022 was charged with intimidation, abuse and theft at the Obangede Magistrate’s Court of Okehi Local Government, and demanded leniency with his pledge not to smoke cannabis again if it was left off the hook.

An officer at the Medium Security Detention Center explained that the inmate awaiting trial was brought by his mother to the reformatory

According to him, “This is not the first time his mother has put him in the car and brought him here. If he does not smoke, he behaves sensibly; but the moment he leaves here, he will return to it.”

Judge Magibe ordered the court to give him an expedited hearing in his case, even as he also urged correctional center agents to call his mother to find a better solution to ease his marijuana addiction.

During the inspection, the Acting Chief Justice instructed the Police Prosecution Officer to examine the mental health of another inmate, Mustafa Shaibu, who allegedly killed his mother and brother and was admitted to the reformatory on March 29, 2021. The judge confirmed that the test would facilitate a final decision on his case before the court.

Today’s other actions included the release on bail of Youssef Othman, accused of theft and intimidation, and referring his case and that of Yahya Slough, 16, also accused of the same crime, to the Okin Magistrates Court for further hearing.

In his remarks, the judge said that the essence of the prison visit was to ascertain and review cases of unlawful detention and cases of excessive delays of persons for whom the waiting period for trial exceeded the sentence for the alleged crimes they committed.

Okene Prison, a 160-person facility, currently houses 71 convicts, including 48 males and one convict, and 22 inmates awaiting trial, 20 of whom are male.

Acting Chief Justice of Koji visits prison and delivers justice

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