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Adamawa LB’s gubernatorial candidate drops the ambition of his GPC counterpart

The Labor Party (LP) candidate for Adamawa state, Eng Omar Mustafa, has abandoned his ambition in favor of his APC counterpart, Senator Aishatou Bennani.

Omar Mustafa, better known as Otumba, said in a press conference held in Yola on Sunday evening that after the challenges he was facing while seeking to take over the position of governor, he decided to postpone the ambition and fully support the ambition of the governor. Build me.

He said, “I am confident that Bennani will provide people-centred leadership that prioritizes the human capital and resource development that will prosper Adamawa State.

“That is why I call on all my supporters to come out on Saturday, March 11th, and vote for the distinguished Senator Aishatou Ahmed Bennani as Governor of Adamawa State.”

He added that he was putting all the structures of organizing Otumba’s campaign at Bennani’s disposal.

The Post daily reported that Otumba, who has long distanced himself from the leadership of his Labor Party at the state and national levels, announced his support for Benani on his own account.

He has not long been working with his Labor Party and recently accused the party’s state leadership of working with the state branch of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the success of Governor Ahmadu Venteri in the scheduled March 11 elections.

Omar Mustafa had announced, before the presidential elections that took place last Saturday, his explicit support for the candidate of the General People’s Congress, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, the now elected president, admitting that he had no relationship of this kind with the Labor Party’s Peter Obi to promote his candidacy.

Omar Mustafa did not say at Sunday’s conference whether he had actually left the Labor Party. Because he tactically left out this aspect of the answers he gave to the questions put to him by the journalists.

Senator Aishatou Bennani, who attended the short ceremony in which Omar Mustafa announced her endorsement, said it was a welcome development and would increase her chances in next Saturday’s elections.

Bennani said: “This endorsement of Otumba in and of itself will lead to tension in many circles.”

Adamawa LB’s gubernatorial candidate drops the ambition of his GPC counterpart

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