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Adamawa NLC was re-elected by Emmanuel Fache as President

Comrade Emmanuel Fache has been re-elected President of the Adamawa State Chapter of the Nigerian Labor Congress, NLC.

Fache was re-elected during the NLA’s 13th Quadrennial Delegate Conference to Adamawa Council, which ran through Tuesday night.

A report on the conference obtained Wednesday morning indicated that other newly elected NLC executive members in the state are Osman Babada, Senior Vice President; And Mahmoud Mohamed, the second vice president.

others are Shaho Saad, the first auditor; Abdel Karim Bouba, second reviewer. Omar Gera, Treasurer; While Lamy Aminu and Vixinte Sanda are ex officio members of the new leadership.

In his acceptance speech, Fache appreciated the delegates for their confidence in him and reassured them of wise leadership.

He said that the experience he had gathered in the past four years had guided him to perform better in his new term.

Adamawa NLC was re-elected by Emmanuel Fache as President

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