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After being removed from NYSC DG, Fadah must face the consequences – the group insists

The Concerned Citizens Forum (CCF), a pressure group, has insisted that the recently sacked Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General M.K. Fadah, must face consequences for his alleged misdeeds while in office.

According to the organization, the former director-general should face severe punishment after he was “disgraced and dismissed” by President Muhammadu Buhari last week.

The group believes that an appropriate punishment for scandal will act as a deterrent to other public office holders.

He said that Fida should return all the salaries he used to receive as Director General of NYSC and also his earnings from the Nigerian Army.

At a press conference in Abuja, Musa Mohamed Atta, the National Chairperson/Organizer of the Jamaat, said that the Brigadier was not only unqualified for the job, but had shown gross incompetence in his six months in office.

So, the group debunked with a report released by the Yobe Elders Forum group, which attempted to exonerate Faddah of any wrongdoing.

“We find it shocking that instead of arranging for legal representation to assist the disgraced general in mitigating any sentence that will come his way from a possible trial in court, the group [Yobe Elders Forum] He claims that the people conspired against him to remove him from office.

“We demand that General MK Fadah be required to reimburse all earnings and allowances received as Director General of the City of New York.

She added, “We further demand that Faddah return all salaries and bonuses he has received from the Nigerian Army since October 2020 after he reached the age of 60 at that time since his birth in October 1960.”

The group also said that the Nigerian Army should demote Fadah commensurate with his actual qualifications which should also affect his salary with immediate effect.

After being removed from NYSC DG, Fadah must face the consequences – the group insists

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