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Ajibula Joseph: To Makindi, APC victory in Oyo

After the Presidential/National Assembly elections on Saturday, the haze gradually began to clear from the air. Losers and winners come to terms with reality. The moments of unbridled frenzy and muscle flexion have subsided. The period when politicians ride ruthless has come and gone.

But what is certain and likely to stick with us for much longer is the lesson learned from the election results.

In Oyo State, people can now clearly see the election results as announced by the electoral referee, the Independent National Election Commission (INEC). They can at least see beyond the edges of their noses.

The state’s opposition party, the All-Progressive Congress (APC), came away with a landslide victory, removing all three Senate districts and a majority of the state’s 14 House seats.

Of the 14 seats, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) won four, and the Progressive Congress Party (APC) eight, while the remaining two seats were declared inconclusive.

While people are highlighting the outcome of the election and its aftermath, one of the major factors responsible for the victory of the APC in Oyo State was the brave actions of Governor Sei Makindi.. This had a great impact on the victory recorded by APC.

Governor Makindi’s courage and ability to stand up for justice, fairness, and fairness speak volumes. Many Nigerians have hailed this laid back characteristic as the true spirit of a true statesman. Makinde remains the only governor in the Southwest who refused to let his political affiliation negate the interest of the region from which he hails locally.

On many occasions, Governor Makinde has reiterated his stated commitment to stand by the people by choosing never to subject his people to slavery.

According to him, the agreement of the meeting of the governors of the south in the league of the Delta state is in place. He even quoted the governors of the North who met and agreed that power should pass to the South as a point of reference.

Unlike some Nigerian politicians, whose employment, lust and greed prevent them from pursuing the good of society, Governor Makinde has taken the right path.

Although he was discredited, deceived, and hard-pressed to support Atiku’s aspirations, Governor Makinde kept his cool, refusing to be distracted from pursuing what would bring long-term benefits to the people of Oyo State in the coming political measure and beyond. .

Should another Fulani man from the north continue as president after eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, what advantage will Oyo State gain? The Yoruba proverb says “teni teni, ti akisa ni a tan”. In the sense that what is yours is a rag that belongs in a landfill.

Reminding us of last Saturday’s polling results in Oyo State, the victory of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Oyo State, is a combination of the land work of Governor Makinde who loves the southwestern region and prioritizes it over his political affiliation.

Governor Makinde is a politician worth celebrating. He is someone who gives a voice to the voiceless; He who sees evil and refuses to wrap it in a lie. He defended the right and handed over his state to his relatives despite their political differences.

Another point to note is that although what Seyi Makinde did may be considered anti-party by some individuals who see it as ambiguous, it will also be beneficial for the state, as it will bring the state into contact with the federal government. It will also enhance the symbiotic relationship between the two united units.

Tinubu, the benevolent and democratic leader, must have known by now who the true supporters and friends are, those who believe in a united Nigeria and the true ‘Omolwape’ spirit. Tinubu must tell the world that he appreciates Governor Siye Makinde’s brave actions by giving him a sense of belonging to his government despite their political differences.

The integrity and passion shown by Governor Makinde towards ensuring the succession of power in the south remains commendable. Even, if we look at Makinde and what the other four governors are striving for, it is still centered around the fairness, fairness and justice that Seyi Makinde stands for.

This meant that, based on his unique style of leadership, he was still committed to devolving power to the South to which he had signed, there is no doubt about that.

Election results show that Tinubu of the APC won the state with 449,884 votes, defeating Atiku of the People’s Democratic Party who received 182,977 votes. Govermor Makinde handed over all 33 local governments to Tinubu. He emphasized that he was vigorously fulfilling the power transfer agreements.

With this development, there is no doubt that the Seyi Makinde government of the PDP will have a harmonious and good working relationship with the federal government which will be led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the APC, which will be of great benefit to Oyo State.

Again, many political experts would see McKindi’s action as anti-party activity. May we remind them that the patriotic action towards the survival of Nigeria, demonstrated by Makindi, is above all else, including political activities.

Since Governor Makinde did not see working strategically with the APC to ensure his victory in the presidential election as anti-party, the APC should not view it as an anti-party act to reward brave work for the development of Oyo State and South West. .

A leader of such great integrity as Seyi Makinde should be celebrated in Nigeria. He must be considered the man of the moment.

Ajibola Joseph writes from Lekki, Lagos State.

Ajibula Joseph: To Makindi, APC victory in Oyo

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