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Akinron burning, Ari palaces: I will hunt down the culprits – Olowu

Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi described the burning of the palaces of Akinrun and Aree in Osun as an abomination and forbidden.

Oba Akanbe, while expressing his disappointment about the Yoruba kings’ silence on the treacherous country, also threatened to hunt down anyone involved in such actions.

In a statement made on Sunday by Ali Ibrahim, his spokesperson, the Iyo king condemned the attack, adding that it was an attack on all Yoruba kings.

Describing the attack as evidence of shame and superficial logic perpetrated by uneducated individuals who take the laws into their own hands, he called on the Nigeria Police to arrest the arsonists to face the wrath of the law.

He added that such arrests would act as a deterrent and help preserve the traditional institution because the palace is the house of God on earth.

While lamenting the development, Oba Akanbe declared that the arson of the palace was a disgrace because those who wanted to vent their anger should go to court to seek redress.

“There were palaces before the church and the mosque in the time of David and Solomon. When have you seen a Christian or a Muslim burn the church or the mosque while fighting over the shepherds or the position of imam? The pure, pure palaces are the houses of God on earth.

“It saddened my heart the most that no traditional ruler would speak out against the immoral, uncultured and uncivilized attack on our sacred seats. The palace is the source, pride and heritage of every city. An attack on any stool is an attack on all stool,” he said.

He challenged Yoruba kings to validate themselves and return to God as the pride that goes along with traditional stools was desecrated.

“The onus is upon us to exalt the holy throne above things and to restore our glory. Many kings will worship Orisha but still the wicked shall not fear excrement. We must return to God and be drawn to Him. We only bear His name by truly and purely representing God, and can be respected and protected by Him.” duly.

“Shame, disgrace and disgrace upon that city/city that made it possible for criminals to burn their palace. Sacrilege has been committed.”

In November and early December, the Akinrun palaces of Ikirun and the Aree of Iree were on fire.

A section of the townspeople, who did not have a positive disposition for the king’s selection by the Adegboyega Oyetola administration, angrily set the palaces on fire.

In Ikinrun, Lukman Omoola lost his life as a result of the violence that erupted over a property struggle.

On Monday, November 28, 2022, a day after his inauguration as Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke issued an executive order suspending the installation of Akinrun of Ikinrun, Aree of Iree and Owa of Igbajo.

Governor Adeleke also set up a review committee with the aim of investigating and advising the government on how to proceed with respect to the Three Kings.

Akinron burning, Ari palaces: I will hunt down the culprits – Olowu

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