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Akwa Ibom: Governor Emmanuel is chasing a third term through his proxy – YPP

The Young Progressives Party, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, advised the governor, Odom Emmanuel, to direct his energy towards providing good governance for the few months leading up to his exit from office rather than using state resources to appoint a successor whom they described as his replacement. his third term.

At a press conference at the party secretariat on Saturday, the state chief of the party, Rasul Ninem Andy, alleged that electoral freedom and fair play are under great threat in the state, claiming that the administration led by Governor Odom Emmanuel has begun a process of perverting democracy in the state.

He said that the YPP cannot be legitimately mustering votes from the people, while the state government is said to be planning to rig the elections.

Supporting his allegations, the YPP chief said the governor used state funds to purchase 31 Hiace buses at a cost of over N1.24 billion for the campaigns of the HDP gubernatorial candidate, Reverend Omo Inoue, who is his preferred candidate.

He said that the governor during his party meeting in Atan Offut, Oyo, announced the participation of 70 agents in each polling unit across the 31 LGAs of the state on a monthly stipend of 100,000 naira each adding that with 4,354 polling units in the state. Employment of these agents 91334 Billion Naira (January – March).

The chairman questioned why the governor, who claimed the state had no money, could spend such a huge amount on sponsorships instead of using it to offset arrears of pensions and tips owed to relatives of retired retired primary school teachers and other state public servants. condition.

Andy said the governor should also have directed money to complete the “many unfinished road works and other disused infrastructure that needs funding” in the state.

Part of the statement read, “The administration led by Governor Odom Emmanuel has embarked on an operation to corrupt democracy in Akwa Ibom State – all in an effort to impose his client, Reverend Omo Inoue on the people.

We call on the administration to focus on providing good governance for the remaining term in power rather than seeking an imaginary third term by imposing Reverend Omoh Inoue.

We can recall the governor’s famous statement on August 24, 2020, which was widely publicized as: “I am not like other former governors.

“I will never go for a third term through surrogacy. I am not interested in who will succeed me as the next governor of Akwa Ibom State. When my term is over, I will leave Government House with only my laptop.”

The YPP chairperson also said that the party had discovered through intelligence that the PDP had engaged in the procurement of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and obtaining VIN numbers from unsuspecting members of the public across the 31 LGAs with the intent of rigging elections even as urged by the national security services and INEC to investigate the matter.

He also accused INEC officials in the local government of colluding with the state government to engage in severe practices during the elections although he hoped that with assurances given by the IEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmoud Yaqoub, that with the services of dual-mode voter registration systems. (BVAS), there will be no tampering.

However, in a quick reaction, the State People’s Democratic Party Propaganda Minister, Mr. Borono Basi said that the YPP was just in a mournful rehearsal for the impending defeat by March this year.

The YPP chief’s allegation that the state government wanted to rig the election by buying PVCs showed his high level of ignorance of the technology that will drive the 2023 election, Bassey said, as the BVAs to be deployed will combine fingerprints and facial biometrics to verify voter identity. It automatically makes buying PVCs completely useless.

He also called it wrong to buy campaign buses with state money, saying the vehicles were purchased with resources from entitlements and goodwill donations by DPP members.

Bassi added, “Once again, another lie spread by the head of state to YPP at the press conference that the Akwa Ibom state government was planning to pay 70 polling agents in every polling unit across the state, a lie on its face given the fact that Governor Udom is aware Emmanuel made it clear that there is an anti-graft agency that can detect and prosecute him for misappropriation of state resources if he tries to engage in such work.”

Akwa Ibom: Governor Emmanuel is chasing a third term through his proxy – YPP

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