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Akwa Ibom NUJ Steps Up Preparations for 2023 Governor’s Debate, Reveals Logo, Modalities

The Union of Nigerian Journalists, NUJ, and the Akwa Ibom State Assembly have unveiled the official hashtag for the 2023 gubernatorial debate (#AKSGOVDEBATE2023), the official Facebook page (the 2023 Akwa Ibom gubernatorial debate), and a google sheet of questions that will be submitted to the question bank. ( and official email address ( prior to the state general election.

NUJ Political Committee Chairman Comrade Aniekan Udofia said at a press conference held at the Council Secretariat that no candidate would be allowed to send a substitute or authorized persons who might accompany them to the debate to answer questions on their behalf in this manner. Show no sign of responsibility or commitment on the part of the candidate.

Yodovia, whose committee is facilitating the debate, explained that out of the 18 registered political parties, only six have expressed interest in participating in the debate saying that the committee will administer oaths of allegiance to the candidates to abide by the rules of the debate.

Among the political parties that will take part in the discussion, according to him, are the African Alliance Congress, AAC, African Democratic Congress, ADC, Young Progressive Party, YPP, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, All Progressives Congress, APC and New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP.

He confirmed that the debate, which will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2023 at the Icon Hotel and Golf Resort by 4 pm, will be broadcast live on 11 radio stations and six television stations, and will also be broadcast live on many social media platforms. People to hear first-hand the plans of the conservative candidates invited to the state.

Udofia further explained that the internal audience should remain inactive and just submit their questions to the question bank where the moderators would match them.

While promising to provide a level playing field for all participants, he indicated that the committee would never seek or receive financial assistance from candidates to avoid any form of nepotism.

He confirmed that any candidate who was not qualified under the law would not appear in the debate because the committee was not prepared to act beyond its powers.

His words: No candidate will be allowed to send a representative; If a candidate sends a representative, that representative will not be allowed to go to the platform. We will not allow agents or persons to answer someone’s questions. All questions will be the same. We made the decision because answering questions for a candidate does not show a sign of commitment or responsibility [the part of] Who will judge?

He further said, “The internal audience will be inactive; they will not ask questions on the day of discussion. We will allow our partners to nominate their representatives to make up the audience, which must be seated before 4 p.m.

This committee has not and will not take a dime from any political party or candidate. In the letter to the candidates, there is a section written in bold stating that this committee will not receive any financial assistance from you to appear for the debate. We don’t want to politicize this already political event.”

In his remarks, Akwa Ibom State Assembly Speaker Comrade Amos Itok, NUJ President said the discussion was organized to give people the opportunity to listen to the candidates and make an informed decision.

Akwa Ibom NUJ Steps Up Preparations for 2023 Governor’s Debate, Reveals Logo, Modalities

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