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Alleged Defamation: The court summons a doctor after a psychiatric examination of the suspect

A doctor who performed a mental disorder test on one of the suspects has been ordered by a Kano court to appear in court for an explanation.

The judge made the order in the case of Yusuf Burutai v. Ibrahim Danshagamo.

Court Judge 25 Halima Wali issued the order in a case brought by Youssef Brotai for alleged defamation against Ibrahim for posting a fake video clip alleging that Brotai owns several petrol stations in Kano.

Initially, the court returned the accused to a correctional center. The accused was later taken to court for bail.

Defense lawyer in the case Hosseini Makri said in an interview with Radio Liberty after the court session: “Well, the case was filed after the publication of the video claiming that General Burutai has more than 60 gas stations in Kano state. The posted video also blamed (Burutai) for extortion Funds for the purchase of weapons to fight terrorism in Maiduguri”.

The defense lawyer added, “Doctors from Mallam Aminu Kano Hospital brought a document showing that the accused suffers from a mental disorder. They narrated that he had divorced his five wives once, and from a young age he showed signs of a psychological disorder. However, the terminology used in the report submitted to the court is complex and this is why The judge, the doctor who wrote the report, to come to court for clarification.”

During the session, a record of the accused’s mental disorder test was presented, as ordered by the court. The court compiled the report and ordered that the doctor who performed the examination appear before it on February 8, 2022.

The court also ordered the release of the accused on bail on the condition of a single bond of 50,000 naira.

Alleged Defamation: The court summons a doctor after a psychiatric examination of the suspect

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