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Anti-bullying committee destroys thugs’ nests in Zamfara

The Anti-Bullying Committee of Zamfara State regretted that it will ensure that its activists tackle all forms of bullying and other crimes to restore peace to the state.

This was disclosed to reporters by the state head of the commission, Mr. Bello Pakiaswa, in Gosau, the state capital, after the commission destroyed some structures hiding political thugs.

According to the committee chairman, one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Campaign Offices located near the Government House was destroyed by agents of the committee for alleged crimes.

This action by the committee came after an intelligence report by some patriotic Nigerians. He said that the occupants of the party office were not campaigning for the GPC, but rather were committing crimes in disguise.

The committee chairman explained that the committee is working hard to wage war against political bullying, drug use and other related crimes, especially before and during the election campaigns for the 2023 elections.

Pakiasuiwa urged political parties and party leaders to cooperate with the commission to ensure peaceful campaigning and elections in the state.

He also called on parents to instill moral values ​​in their children so that they become useful members of their societies and contribute their share to the development of the state and the country in general.

Pakiasso also urged governments at all levels, as well as wealthy individuals, to cooperate with the commission to effectively implement its legitimate endeavors, saying security is everyone’s business.

According to him, the committee is facing mobility and other logistical challenges.

Anti-bullying committee destroys thugs’ nests in Zamfara

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