Aoba Iliguchi poured sincere words on his wife

Oba Alejoshi of the Kingdom of Ekati, Sahid Ademola poured sweet words on his wife, Olori Sekinat Aramid as she celebrated her 46th birthday. Today, November 10, 2022, the King’s wife celebrates her birthday.

Pouring sweet words on her, Aoba Eleguchi described his wife as an outstanding wife, a great mother, and most importantly a dependable partner. “My Queen, a special wife, a great mother and most importantly a dependable partner. It is your day today and I can only wish you all the best; not only your day but every day.”

Oba Yeguchi celebrates his wife’s birthday

Oba Elegushi had his wife Olori Sekinat Aramide bathed while celebrating her 45th birthday on November 10, 2021. Through his Instagram page, Oba Elegushi shared amazing photos of his wife in a blue dress, simple makeup and some photos. Cut out jewelry to compliment her outfit.

Oba Iliguchi, while celebrating his wife, said that he would not have met her or benefited from all that she gave him had she not been born on this day.

King described his relationship with Olori as undeniable and unbreakable in their relationship to each other. Oba Iliguchi refers to a quote from Shakespeare that states that their bond will not change, fade, endure beyond death, and admit no fault. He wrote: It’s the Queen’s birthday! It is the forty-fifth anniversary of your glorious and wonderful birthday… I would not have met or benefited from all that you have given me if you had not been born on this day.

So, my QSE, I celebrate you today as I always do; My relationship with you is unbelievable, how unbelievable I love you, the bond we have formed with each other is undeniable, unbelievable how much your love is, and the bond we have formed with you is some unbreakable.

This bond, like Shakespeare, said, “It never changes, never fades, lasts longer than death and admits no fault.” Thank you for everything that was; All this and all that will be. I wish you a wonderful birthday, my queen.”

Aoba Yeguchi and their wife celebrate their anniversary

Opa Saeed Ademola has taken to social media to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife. In the post shared on his Instagram page, the king showered his wife while expressing his appreciation for marrying him.

Oba Iliguchi also prayed for their marriage to be blessed with love and joy throughout the years of their lives. The King wrote: “Congratulations for another year we spent together…. Thank you for being my wife, a doting mother to our Prince, my partner, and my Beloved. May our marriage remain blessed with love and joy throughout the years of our lives.”
happy Anniversary”.

Aoba Eleguchi celebrates his wife's birthday

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