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APC vote is the path to power in the middle – says Arodiobu to the Igbo

APC National Vice Chairman, South East, Dr Ijoma Arodeoghbo urged residents of the geopolitical southeast to shun regional sentiments and be wise enough to incorporate central politics and government to remain actively engaged.

When the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, wins the presidential election, Arodeoghbo said, the Igbo will be largely integrated into the central authority for even development of the region.

The leader of the General People’s Congress Party, who stated this while answering questions from the “Daily Post” newspaper, ordered the people of the southeast of the country to cast their votes widely for the presidential candidate of the General People’s Congress Party to enable him to win the presidential elections.

While expressing optimism that the APC will retain power in the centre, Arodeoghbo said, “Let’s get into power in the centre. I am fully confident that under my tenure as APC National Vice-Chairman, South East, in the 2023 elections, the South East will give support for APC.

We have already won the presidential elections. The crowd we see during the presidential rally in Owerri today is overwhelming, despite the cash crunch. People using their personal funds to gather here today shows that they love APC. It’s cool, it’s cool. Tinubu is the best candidate in the presidential race. We can’t be fooled by the folktales of dramatists. Tinubu will win the elections and Nigerians will be happy with that.”

APC vote is the path to power in the middle – says Arodiobu to the Igbo

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