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APC will retain the presidency, Sokoto wins, all Northwest States – Lukman

Vice-President of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Northwest Region, Dr. Salih Muhammad Luqman, confirmed that the party will retain the presidency, win the six northwestern states, and regain Sokoto state from the HDP, in the future. general elections.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with the heads of state of the House of Representatives in the region on Friday, he revealed that all preparations for her campaign have been made.

According to him, the northwest region is set to give the GPC the highest votes and lead it to victory in all elections in the country.

The former Director-General of the Progressive Conservatives Forum, who led the State party’s heads to the Northwest Region Presidential Campaign Secretariat in Kaduna, explained that the aim of the meeting was to start planning the campaign in the Northwest for presidential and other constituency positions.

He pointed out that the north-west region is still the backbone of the party, stressing that they took a communication about their readiness in each country and reviewed developments at the national level and expressed optimism that the GPC party would sweep the polling stations in the north-west region.

According to him, “The APC presidential campaign in the northwest region will start from Kaduna on December 12, and we have agreed to make some recommendations to the Presidential Campaign Council on what to do.

The meeting of the stakeholders in the area should plan appropriately for the launch of the campaign in the northwest. We’ve secured a presidential campaign office for the area along Independence Road. It should be ready in one week.”

APC will retain the presidency, Sokoto wins, all Northwest States – Lukman

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