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Armed Forces Memorial Day: Governor Emmanuel pleads with politicians not to threaten the unity of Nigeria

Akwa Ibom State Governor Odom Emmanuel has urged politicians not to threaten the unity of Nigeria in their quest to seize power.

Speaking during the Armed Forces Memorial Day celebration in Oyo on Sunday, Emmanuel said the nation’s fallen heroes paid the price for peace and harmony in the country, so the political class should reciprocate this gesture with unity, justice, equality, fairness and love.

He said: “As we prepare to elect our new group of leaders, I urge our political class to understand that we need the country to be one, inseparable whole, in order to fulfill our leadership aspirations.

We must not threaten the unity of this nation for the narrow desire to be in power. If these brave men and women pay the ultimate price for us to stay in peace and harmony, we must also pay them a similar price of appreciation and gratitude by ensuring that our cords of unity, justice, equality, fairness, and love remain intact. Articles of Faith.

Explaining that the nation’s diversity is being exploited for narrow political gain, the Governor encouraged Nigerians to stretch the boundaries of love and brotherhood so that the sacrifices of our brave fallen officers are not in vain.

He said, “As we honor these great patriots, let us remember that the factors that led to the various wars in which they participated, or the internal processes to secure our peace for which they paid with their lives are still with us.

Throughout the country, some rhetoric widening the gap of separation and weakening the strings of our national unity still circulates and amplifies through many echoes.

“We must increase the embers of our unity deeper and expand the boundaries of love and brotherhood more, so the sacrifices of these brave officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces that we have come here today to honor, will not be in vain.”

Governor Emmanuel also praised the security services in the state for their peace and security in Akwa Ibom, noting that he has implemented some projects out of appreciation.

The projects he mentioned include the redesign and construction of 168 housing units for the Nigerian Army Battalion in Ibagua, with a water network. Construction of internal roads and apartment blocks for the 2nd Brigade of the Nigerian Army Headquarters at Mbiukburu, Nsit Ibom, as well as the donation of gunboats to the Maritime Response Unit.

He stated that these projects earned Akwa Ibom the Best Security and Safety State Award in Nigeria during the recent African Security Summit in Banjul, Gambia, last November.

Armed Forces Memorial Day: Governor Emmanuel pleads with politicians not to threaten the unity of Nigeria

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