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Atiku: I’ve never been against Peter Obi, Tinubu-Wick

Rivers State Governor Nesom Wake has claimed that he has never opposed presidential candidates from the Labor Party, L.J.

Wake made it clear that he was in favor of devolving power from the north to the southern part of the country. Hence he never opposed Tinubu or Obi.

The governor said he was a “messenger” of the transition of power to the southern region of Nigeria.

It occurs at the start of the Chokocho-Igbodo Trail in the Etche Local Government Area of ​​Rivers State.

The governor stressed that he does not owe anyone an apology for supporting the transfer of power to the south.

Whether you voted for Labor, I have no problem with you. Whether you voted for APC, I have no problem with you. That’s what we discussed: that the North has for eight years. So the South should stay there for eight years.

“For me, anyone from the South, this is my position. This is what we in the Integrity Group agreed upon that we must make sure that the South emerges as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Every time I campaign, no one has ever heard me criticize Obi. No one has ever heard me criticize Asiwaju. I owe no one an apology because the people voted for the presidency of the South.

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, Wike ignored the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Wake and his group, the Integrity Group, had called for a rotation of the presidency from North to South.

The governor also called for the resignation of the national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Urchia Ayo, to be replaced by a southerner.

He noted that the North could not produce a Democratic presidential candidate and a national president.

Atiku: I’ve never been against Peter Obi, Tinubu-Wick

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